Young Finances: Week in Review 8-17

Time for a new/old feature! I used to do this when I first started blogging but somehow it fell along the way side. Each week I plan to do a week in review. It will definitely motivate me to post more and get cracking on editing those Youtube videos. I’ll review what I posted this week and shout out some of my favorite bloggers and what they posted. If I manage to shoot and edit a YouTube video, I’ll include that too. Be sure to subscribe for updates so you won’t miss what’s coming! I’ve got a budget guide in the works as well as a few giveaways coming. September will surely start off with a bang!

young finances week in review

Posts from Young Finances

I’m pretty sure I posted these last week, but oh well. My two most recent posts included business owners.

kim-kardashian-networth-assets entrepreneur manhammer weight lifting

*The post about Kim Kardashian was included as part of Financially Savvy Saturdays on Femme Frugality and Monica on Money*

Some Link Love

Here are some interesting posts that I read during the recent week.

JT’s Got a Job so Blogging’s Gotta Go. I was pretty sad to read this as JT is a big blogging inspiration for me. All of his posts are interesting and intellectual without being boring. Hopefully he enjoys the new job!

It always amazes me how Paula juggles it all. I mean when you have a budding real estate empire and throw an additional cat into the mix, you’re asking for trouble! Well with Radically Redefine Necessary Spending, Paula explains how she finds the cash to buy new homes and travel. See a pic of her new cat here.

Monica is debt free! I’m jealous. Obviously. (Only 2 more years…) In this post she mentions Shopping In Your Own Closet. Maybe if I could master this skill I could cut down my payoff plan to one year..

Marisa went on a road trip without me. While I did have the option to go, I couldn’t because of work. Anyway, Chicago looks like it was totally amazing and I hope to get there soon!

Disney Wednesdays?? How did I miss this! I’m a short drive away. I guess I better start packing now. ;)

Cupcakes. Yum! I always enjoy finding new bloggers or new to me bloggers. Blahnik Baker shows off her cupcake skills with Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcakes.

Young Finances on YouTube

No videos this week :( But hopefully I’ll get around to editing the ones I recorded already. Keep your fingers crossed and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Young Finances Around the Web

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A Little Bit of LaTisha

If you don’t know me well this is where you learn more about me. I’m a bit obsessive. Brace yourself.

What I’m obsessed with this week

I recently bought Sigh No More and Babel by Mumford and Sons. I’ve been playing them out in my cube at work and I’m pretty sure my cubemates are tired of hearing me hum and bang my desk as if I’m in an Irish Pub. Both discs are on repeat until I find a replacement. Fortunately for me, Nick Hagelin just released a new EP. But I have to get to one of his live shows in order to grab a copy. Until then Mumford and Sons it is!


After buying the an issue of Cosmopolitan off the rack for the 7th time, I realize I must simply subscribe to the magazine. I know the information is a bit repetitive but I enjoy how they manage to make it feel new each month. Now I just have to remember to send in the subscription card.

I’m currently on a coconut oil kick. I’ve been eating it, using it as lotion and in my hair as conditioner. I think I’ve gone a bit overboard though because everything is starting to remind me of the beach.

Have a great week!

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  • Paula / Afford Anything

    “throw an additional cat into the mix” — I love that phrasing! It makes me imagine throwing cats, which makes me laugh. :-)

    • LaTisha Styles

      Well I did hear that they always land on their feet…