Yakezie Carnival Mardi Gras Edition

yakezie carnival

Welcome to the Yakezie Carnival Mardi Gras Edition!

The College Investor: Can Debt Hurt a Relationship? – A look at whether debt can hurt a relationship, and how to navigate the financial part of relationships.

My Multiple Incomes: Want to Save Money? Don’t Gamble – I recently got back from a cruise, and I was shocked at how much gambling took place. I thought to myself – want to save money, just don’t gamble!

Street Smart Finance: 10 Simple tips to Super Charge Your Personal Finances – This article is collection of best financial wisdom from some of the blogs in Yakezie and others.

Edward Antrobus: Part 2 of Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Home but Nobody Ever Tells You. A discussion of closing costs and what’s after. You will be amazed how much buying a home costs; things completely aside from the purchase price!

Not Made of Money: 5 Tips to Get Your Retirement Savings On Target – In today’s up and down financial world, it is more important than ever to make sure you are on track with your retirement savings. This means setting your ultimate goal and then developing a plan that will help you reach that goal within a specified time so as to be able to live the retirement lifestyle that you’ve dreamed about.

My Journey to Millions: Never Assume a Persona Has a Completed Estate Plan – Testamentary intent should be the most important goal but that is predicated on the fact that some form of estate planning is actually gets done!

Invest It Wisely: How I Quit My Job and What I Plan to Do Next – I finally reached the point in my life where it was time to move on to a new adventure. Yes, you read that right: I quit my job!

Living in Financial Excellence: 8 Tips to Save Money While Traveling – The following are a few tips that we use consistently while we travel to save money while enjoying ourselves to the fullest.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job…: The Psychology of Passive Investing – What if there was an easy way to increase investing over the course of a career, without any action today? Is that something you might be interested in? My co-writer Cameron tackles the Save More Tomorrow plan out of UCLA.

Live Real, Now: The Luxury of Vacation – The splurge that makes me happiest is the vacation we took last year. Vacations are clearly a luxury. Nonessential. Unnecessary. A splurge. When we were just a year into our debt repayment, we realized that, not only is debt burnout a problem, but our kids’ childhoods weren’t conveniently pausing themselves while we cut every possible extra expense to get out of debt. No matter how we begged, they insisted on continuing to grow.

Beating Broke: Are Electric Cars Worse for the Environment? – Not content to upset the recyclers in the community (See: Is Recycling Bullshit), I’m moving on to electric cars today. Rob at Say Anything Blog had an interesting post the other day citing a report from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville that talks about how electric cars might be worse for the environment than their gas guzzling counterparts.

mardi gras kings cake

Kings Cake

Bucksome Boomer: Where Did That Credit Card Go? – I recently lost my credit card, but fortunately, the card was at the restaurant and was retrieved after proving I was the person belong to the card. But what if you can’t find a missing credit card?

Money Is the Root: Blog Goals and Updates 2012 #6 – Just as last year, I will provide weekly updates on my site statistics, blogging income, and intended goals for the short and long term. These posts will provide ongoing updates regarding my progress on my five blogs, and perhaps more in the near future, as well as achieving $30,000 in online income this year.

Smart Wealth: How Much Is Your Security Worth? – The cost is high for a home security system; the monthly fees will never end as long as you have the system but is peace of mind worth the price to you?

Passive Family Income: My Weight Loss Program – Update #1 – In two weeks I lost a total of .6 lbs., putting me well behind the 1 pound average I am looking for. This means I need to lose 9.4 pounds in 8 weeks, which is certainly still in range. From this point forward, I will need to drop about 1.2 pounds per week – which isn’t so bad.

Prairie Eco Thrifter: African Safaris, Grilla Treks, and Blogcation – Hello everyone. Guess what? On Saturday we will be on a plane headed to a continent I have never been to before. Where Will We Be Going? We are headed to Africa!!

HowToSaveMoney: The Biggest Secret There Is to Saving Money? Stacking – There is only one true secret to saving money that can be applied to almost any purchase you will ever make in your life, and that is stacking. What exactly is stacking? Well it is an art form really – something that you become really good at over time with lots of practice.

Little House in the Valley: How to Keep Your Student Loan Debt Low – A college degree is still essential for staying competitive in the job market. Therefore, finding ways to reduce or eliminate college debt is essential for long-term financial success. Here are some ways that students entering college now (and their parents) can minimize their debt load over the next four years:

Sense to Save: 4 ways to donate without spending money – Here are a few ways you can donate to others without writing a check. Everyone is able to do the first option, and many can do the second.

The Dollar Disciple: Why Don’t You Care About Money? – I find this hard to believe. Whether we want to admit it or now, we all have an interest in money. Money is vital to survival in our modern culture so everyone should care about money, if only a little bit…

The Penny Hoarder : Make Money Playing in Scrabble Tournaments – If you’ve got a knack for the game, we’ve got a few tips on how to make some extra money playing the game professionally…

Financial God : Harper’s Plan to Cut Canada’s Old Age Security (OAS) Program – The Internet is afire with news that the Conservative government of Canada is planning to raise the minimum age for Old Age Security, as part of a comprehensive government-wide cost-cutting measure for the upcoming federal budget.


Smart Family Finance : Why You Shouldn’t Consolidate Your Student Loans – There are plenty of reason why you should consolidate your student loans: lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. There are some very good reasons why you shouldn’t consolidate student loans, read more to find out why.

Thousandaire : My Guilty Pleasures – I have a bunch of guilty pleasures that are probably pretty embarrassing to admit, but they are there. What are yours?

Funancials : Loyalty is for Losers – Remember years ago, when you could walk into a bank or a bar and they would greet you by name? If you visited an establishment enough, you would be known as a regular. This is not a desired outcome and here is why.

Money Q&A : Five Insurance Policies That You Do Not Need – There are tons of insurance you do not need. Whether it is flight insurance, cancer insurance, or others, do not buy extra insurance that you do not need.

KrantCents : Invest Your Tax Refund or Send It to Me! – Invest your tax refund or send it to me! It is all about choices. What are you going to do? I know some will pay down debt, add to savings or fund an IRA. If you are going to go out and spend it on dinner, clothes, electronic toys or something that will break, wear down, etc they you’re better off sending it to me!

Broke Professionals : The Definition of Broke: What Does It Mean? – I often catch myself saying I’m broke… but is it true? Just because you have no money in the bank doesn’t necessarily fit the definition of broke.

The Dividend Ninja : It’s Only Castles Burning – Investor Seth Klarman, founder of the hedge fund Baupost Group, wrote a book on value investing, called Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor. Read an update on Klarman’s activities

Finance Fox : Canadian Extreme Couponing, Is There Such A Thing? – Canadians are also not fortunate enough to get coupons on fruits, veggies or meat. All of the coupons are on non-perishable items. Most of our money goes on fruits, veggies and meat, and every now and then you’ll get some coupons on dairy items.

The Ultimate Juggle : How to Accept Advice from Others – Who do you ask for financial advice. Find out who you should be asking for financial advice and learn how to accept it gracefully.

Beating The Index : Weekend Edition: 2012 BP Energy Outlook 2030 – BP just released its Annual Energy Outlook 2030 which contains its projects for future energy trends. BP sees overall energy demand growing about 40%

Steadfast Finances : Saving Money on Car Insurance – Read ways to save money on Car Insurance.

Frugal Confessions : A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Timeshares Included in Social Buying Site Travel Deals – Timeshares and Travel Deals Should Not Be Combined Read My Experiences With Them.

My Retirement Blog : The 6 Most Reliable Ways to Save For Retirement – Many Americans are planning for retirement earlier than ever. While the reality is that tough economic conditions may force them to retire years later than they wanted, this is having the dual affect of encouraging more foresight and planning.

101 Centavos : Travel Like a Boy Scout – And by that, we don’t mean humping it with a sleeping bag, pack frame and tent, and hot dogs over a campfire. Merely to be prepared, as best as you can…

Personal Finance Whiz : A Financed Lifestyle is No Lifestyle At All – The following is a guest post by American Debt Project. I was looking at my credit card today (the one with the nearly $18,000 balance) when it hit me. I finally saw my credit card as something other than just a method of payment. My credit card has been my chief enabler, lifestyle financier and This post was originally posted to Personal Finance Whiz.

Passive Income To Retire : Why Cash Flow is Important – Find out why cash flow is important in an early retirement plan. The importance of cash flow rests the 2 ways it helps me fulfill my dream.

Money Spruce : Wealthy, Successful Bloggers: Don’t Simply Follow Their Frugal Advice – I often wonder if I’m brainwashing myself with the stuff I just want to hear. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, books, and other advice about self-employment and starting your own business. I’ve (mostly) convinced myself that working a 9-5 job isn’t the key to happiness and success in my life.

My Broken Coin : How Realism and Creativity Can Help You Get Out of Debt – Sometimes I get frustrated with my life (and myself) because it seems that paying off debt is an endless process, a perpetual torture of saying no, a continuous refusal to spend on something that makes me happy.

Newlyweds on a Budget : So I think I need to reevaluate my goals – I think I made my goals too easy for the year because we’ve already completed a huge chunk. 1. Pay off credit card debt. We’re on track to pay this off by April 1. Hoping the move doesn’t put a wrench in our plans. 2. Contribute full company match to 401K. Done! I contribute 3%, read me other accomplishments

Sweating the Big Stuff : Lending Club Returns at 15.87% in February 2012 – I started investing in Lending Club in 2011, and so far my returns have been stellar. Using some smart criteria, I’ve been able to crush the average.

Money Infant : Saving Money and Time Through Automation – Automation is one of the keys to unlocking your financial freedom. Chances are you already automate some of your savings plans like 401k and emergency savings

Personal Finance Journey : Improve Negotiation by Being Willing to Walk Away – Negotiation can be a powerful tool to save you money, yet many people never negotiate because they think it is in poor taste or they are afraid their attempt at negotiation will be denied. In my experience, more than half of the time you try to negotitate, you will be successful.

Married (with Debt) : The Best Travel Tip I Ever Learned – Don’t be scared of the words fine dining. Going to a chain restaurant, or a non-fine dining restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be saving money.

Money Reasons : Do You Look Poorer Than You Are? – Do You Look Poorer Than You Are? Apparently, I do! A lady at work thought I was much poorer than I really was,..

MoneySmartGuides : Investing: What You Cannot Control – This will be a two part posting on what you can and what you cannot control when it comes to investing. This first part will highlight four things you cannot control. Picking winning stocks Picking superior managers Timing markets…

20s Finances : Health Insurance – An Important Financial Benefit – Have you ever stopped to calculate how much you make from your job? When you took the time to calculate this, did you include all of your benefits!

Your Finances Simplified : Shit My Tenants Say – So I receive my January statement from my property manager and I noticed that both of my tenants are lagging big time on their portion of the rent. The reason why I say, portion of the rent is because the two properties I own are occupied by section 8…

Small Business Resource : Numbers are Down on Entrepreneurial Activity: Trend or Time Out? – In a post-election survey sponsored by the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council), respondents were not overly optimistic about the outlook for entrepreneurship and the U.S. economy. However, given the fragile state of the economy it wasn’t total doom and gloom. Read our results.

Young Family Finance : How to Have a Cheap Vacation – Find out how to have a cheap vacation. The poor economy shouldn’t ruin your right to get away.

The First Million is the Hardest: How Poker Made Me a Better Investor – The fundamentals between the game of poker and investing in stocks are very similar. I explore a few of the skills I learned through playing poker and how they’ve helped me become a more disciplined and skillful investor.

Canadian Personal Finance: Expenses you can deduct as a blogger for tax – When you start a blog, the expenses that are attributable to your blogging business are deductible.Examples of expenses that are potentially deductible include the following.

Saving Advice: Stupid Survey Questions – I got a survey the other day about my attitudes on the economy. I had to laugh when I got to the question that read, “Do you find yourself striving to save more money on your everyday purchases or foregoing those purchases so you can treat yourself to a more expensive indulgence?” I guess my participation blew the bell curve because every time they made some suggestion like this, I said no and explained why their questions were stupid.

Simply Investing: Top 3 Tips for Successful Investing – The beginning of the new year is a great time to plan for the future. Plan on how you will be able to earn more passive income this year than last year. Here are 3 tips to help you earn more:

Everything Finance Blog: Hard Times Require a Pragmatic Approach in Managing Our Finances – We live in a difficult world where marketing specialists will do all they can to convince us to part with our limited and hard earned cash, and buy their products. They will use all sorts of advertisements in order to influence our spending patterns, and purchase goods and services that have marginal bearing on our well-being. If we lack the discipline and self-control, we will end up dancing to their music and spending our funds on items that are not really essential.

zulu mardi gras float

Money Talks Coaching: Battling Your Debt Fears – Fears surrounding debt revolve around two main topics. Fear that you will never get out of debt is a big one. Then once you are out of debt you might fear that you will get back into debt. Reasonable fears for those who have had debt problems in the past, but these fears do not need to over take our minds.

Cash Flow Mantra: Accepted Into the Yakezie Network – I got incredible news earlier this week when I found out that I was accepted into the Yakezie Network. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Master the Art of Saving: The Downside of Using Credit Cards Responsibly – In the personal finance blogosphere, you’ll find many mixed views regarding the usage of credit cards. Some will say they’re evil and you shouldn’t ever use them, others will say go ahead and use them as long as you’re responsible. On top of those, you’ll find those who suggest only using them for emergencies. Here’s my take on using Credit Cards Responsibly!

The Frugal Toad: Personal Finance for College Graduates – Graduating college is an exciting time in your life. You are finally on your own and facing many important decisions such as what career path to choose or where to relocate. Decisions made now can have a big impact on your potential income and living expenses. If I could offer one piece of personal finance advice to a new college graduate it would be to start saving money as soon as possible. Here are several other tips to get you on the road to financial success.

Meal Plan Rescue: Your Receipt LIES to You – Every time I go to the grocery store they try to convince me I’ve saved less than I have. They put a number on my receipt, but it’s half of what I usually save. I write about the real ways I save money.

Making the Life You Want: Disappointment Doesn’t Have to be the Focus – In life there are many things that disappoint, that could leave us feeling downhearted if we focused on them. If you can focus on the positive aspects in your mind, you can change how you view anything.

Thriftability: Save Money on Pet Care: Ticks and Fleas – While your veterinarian is the authority on your pet’s health, it is possible to save money by taking a pro-active stance and treating your pet at the start of flea and tick season. Especially since – as we all know – there’s nothing worse than an expense popping up unexpectedly, throwing your budget totally off-kilter!

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: Health Update #5 – Crystal Light Challenge and 10 Pound Challenge – I was a little better than the two weeks before. I wasn’t perfect but I am getting back into the habit of logging all of my food points into Weight Watchers and Mr. BFS and I are slowly hitting the gym more as well. Here were my results.

Sustainable Personal Finance: Be Careful When Using Your Social Network as Part of Your Career – Sometimes using your social network to find work can backfire on you. Additionally, helping members of your social network to find a job can also be a real problem, resulting in reputation damage.

Money Cone: How to View Your Schedue K-1s Online and Import Them Into Turbo Tax – If you own MLPs, it can be quite a pain to manually enter those pesky K-1s. But if you do your taxes in TurboTax, there is a way to automate most of it!

Investor Junkie: You’re a Patsy If You Invest in Facebook’s IPO – Facebook recently announced they are going public. Mark Zuckerberg plans on making approximately $40 Billion from the IPO. While I do think Facebook is a great company and amazing success story, you have to be a patsy to invest in them.

Free Money Wisdom: Are Name Brands a Racket? – People are drawn to name brand products because they recognize the name and automatically assume the product is of higher quality. Not always the case!

Frugal Living: The Number One Tip for Budgeting Success – Given the different way people manage, or don’t manage, their finances, what one tip would I give anyone? Choose a budgeting method and don’t give up.

Your Smart Money Moves: 5 Tax Mistakes Business Owners Make – Part of putting together an effective tax management strategy is gaining an understanding of what you can and cannot deduct from your tax return. I see business owners that make mistakes every single day. Every CPA or accountant seems to have a slightly different slant on the tax code, but here are a few that may be able to help you increase your bottom line as you grow your business.

Squirrelers: Perception is Reality: Credit Scores and the Workplace – Your credit is important for obtaining a loan, but it just might play a role in how you are perceived when being considered for a job

Change A Thing: Learning Lessons – what happens when dreams leave out the tricky bits.

Tie the Money Knot: Aging Parents and Money: How Much to Help? – Many of us have our hands full trying to manage our own finances. When kids are added to the mix, it gets more important. What happens when aging parents need help?

Modest Money: Buy An eReader & Save Money On Books – For some people, books can be a major expense. At $10-20 each, the price can really add up a lot if you read much. Many people are discovering the convenient way to save money on books, buying an eReader. Learn more about why you should consider buying an eReader and find out which model may be best for your needs.

The Loonie Bin: Rushing to Retirement – Don’t focus too much into the future because your life in the present will pass you by.

Thad Thoughts: Evernote Scanning and Storage Solutions – Evernote is a great service for keeping track of things, but it is also a great scanning and storage option.

Darwin’s Money: Insane Success Stories That Drive Me Crazy…But Shouldn’t – Each time you hear an incredible success story and think “that could be me!”…consider how Survivorship Bias is influencing you!

carnival dancer

The Millionaire Nurse: Giving Credit Card Info to Social Media? Come On! – Around the corner is a marketing explosion that will allow us to shop while visiting our favorite social media site. It’s going to happen. Is it a good idea?

Money Cactus: A Winners Guide To Buying on eBay – In this post I’m going to show you 8 buying tips that will help you bid on eBay and have the things you want for well below retail cost.

Narrow Bridge Finance: 34 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me – I often talk to you all about my travels, adventures, and bank accounts. I often keep most of the rest of the “personal” out of this personal finance site. I thought I would share some little known facts about Eric so you know more about the guy behind the keyboard.

Fiscal Phoenix: The I-Deserve-It Mentality Won’t Get You Far – There can be a variety of reasons why people overspend, but in these instances, overspending is a direct result of stress and exhaustion. Thanks to media, Americans have been taught that we deserve instant gratification, and one way to do that is to soothe ourselves with the “stuff” money can buy. The problem is that this tendency can also leave us with debt, or even worse, bills we can’t pay.

Money Beagle: How To Clean Tile Grout – Grout gets dirty, it’s a fact of life that there’s no getting around. Here’s how to get years of scum and grime off that grout so that it looks practically new.

PT Money Personal Finance: Is It Stupid to Play the Lottery? These Powerball Lottery Winners Beg to Differ – Discusses how it can be both foolish and not foolish to play the lottery.

See Debt Run: Should We Consider Moving the Family to a New City? – Have you ever considered packing things up, find a new job somewhere else, and leaving your current city? We have raised our family in one place so far, but consider the pros and cons of taking on a new adventure and settling in somewhere new.

Novel Investor: Set Up Automatic Saving For Success – An automatic saving plan will successfully end all the worry and procrastination we have with our finances and force habit change. Let’s work smarter and start automating our savings.

My University Money: Don’t Let Financial Anchors Weigh You Down – In my last article, we explored how our fear of regret could inhibit us from taking action. Let’s stay on the same psychological path but change things up a bit. Instead of focusing on our tendency to do nothing, let’s look at something that influences our minds when take action. Go ahead and grab your Erlenmeyer flask, it’s time for an experiment.

Free From Broke : Alternatives to Foreclosure – Having to go into foreclosure on your home is a horrible place to be. There are some alternatives to foreclosure that you should know about. Take a look and see if they can help you.

Parenting Family Money: Should You Buy Life Insurance for Your Child? – Most people don’t like thinking about life insurance and they are even more hesitant when it comes to a child. Buying life insurance for your child is something to at least think about.

Femme Frugality: Sugar Babies…Love or Prostitution? – A Valentine’s Day examination into websites that help sugar daddies meet their sugar babies.

RamblingFever Money: A Lesson Learned by My First Trip to Las Vegas – Have you ever experienced the horror of owing a friend a great deal of money? Did you borrow the money for something really stupid like I did? See how I had to learn the hard way – why not to borrow money from friends or family.

TotallyMoney: My biggest financial mistake: The joint bank account blunder – The article is my worst financial mistake and hopefully you will be able to learn from it.

Step Away from the Mall: Are you too sexy for a renter? – This posts surveys the blogosphere while making fun of a “study” that concluded that most people would rather date homeowners than renters.

Small Budget Big Dreams: Buy a Car on a Budget – In the market for a new, or new to you, car? Don’t panic! Buying a car doesn’t have to be synonymous with accruing debt. You can buy a car on a tight budget.

Faithful With A Few: Should We Get A Gym Membership? – Cancel a gym membership Sounds easy enough, right Unfortunately, many people fall victim to scams and end up losing money Learn how to properly end your contract!

Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet: Improve Your Business Credit Rating – Business credit information – including the Paydex Score – is becoming more important than ever Find out how to build and improve upon your business credit score!

Watson Inc: Why We Seek Security Versus Freedom – In a pessimistic world, developing and maintaining hope for a better financial future can be a real challenge. Here are 6 ways to see a bright financial future.

On Target Coaching: Have You Checked Your Credit Report Lately? – Tips for checking your credit report, what to look for, and freezing your credit.

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