How to Make More Money with Leverage


There are two ways to make more money. Work more using your own time and skills or work less and use the time and skills of others. If you had a choice, would you choose to work more or work less? I’m guessing that many people would choose to work less, especially if they could […]

What is Spread Betting?


Investors will probably frown upon the word betting when it is anywhere near a financial instrument. Most investors in the stock market are in for the long haul and employ a buy and hold strategy. While there are traders who go for a more short term strategy, they are typically few and far between. There is a […]

How I turned $1760 into 50 dollars


Most people only highlight their investing accomplishments. But I’m going to talk about one of my failures and how you can avoid the same mistakes. I made the mistake in the foreign exchange market but this mistake could apply to practically every market because it involves trading psychology. One thousand, seven hundred and sixty dollars […]

Forex-Dollar Dollar Bill Ya’ll

Now we’re on to my favorite subject, the Foreign Exchange Market. Most traders refer to this market as the currency market or the forex market. We’ll use all three terms. The forex market is quickly becoming favorite market for traders. There are no company financial statements to review, virtually no commissions and practically 24/7 trading. If you’ve […]