What is a Portfolio?

Your portfolio is made up of assets. An asset is a tool used to make more money. Companies use assets like plants so they can produce widgets, land so they can raise crops, and wood, glass and marble so they can build hotels. You can also hold paper investments in your portfolio. They are not […]

How I turned $1760 into 50 dollars

Most people only highlight their investing accomplishments. But I’m going to talk about one of my failures and how you can avoid the same mistakes. I made the mistake in the foreign exchange market but this mistake could apply to practically every market because it involves trading psychology. One thousand, seven hundred and sixty dollars […]

Forex-Dollar Dollar Bill Ya’ll

Now we’re on to my favorite subject, the Foreign Exchange Market. Most traders refer to this market as the currency market or the forex market. We’ll use all three terms. The forex market is quickly becoming¬†favorite market for traders. There are no company financial statements to review, virtually no commissions and practically 24/7 trading.¬†If you’ve […]

Junk in the Trunk a.k.a. Growing your Assets

We’ve talked about stocks already but that’s just one of many asset classes you can add to your portfolio. Some common asset classes include Stocks, Bonds, Forex, Options, and Futures. Each requires a little more knowledge and sophistication. So let’s talk a little bit about risk and reward. If I told you that I would […]

9 Tips for Successful Investing

There are various ways to improve your investing and money management. Financial Success for Young Adults has 9 tips to get you started. 1) Read this blog If you want to be a great investor but you don’t know where to start then you should start with Financial Success for Young Adults!. Start with the […]