How Young Adults Can Budget for a Wedding

Getting ready for a wedding is an expensive undertaking. You first have to think about where you want to have the wedding, then you have to pick out the wedding attire and bridal party. There’s also the actual reception and honeymoon. But there are ways to reduce the cost of a wedding, especially if you are a young adult getting married.

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Plan for the Best But Expect Nothing to Go As Planned

Most people understand that planning for success requires attention to every detail. Even if you have never planned a wedding before, you know that the smallest oversight could bring the entire event crashing to a halt. You have the option to select a wedding planner and he or she can make sure that you cross all of your t’s and dot all of your i’s. Here are a few considerations for the bride.

Choose a Wedding Gown

Make sure you are looking at several wedding gowns before you pick the one that you want. Finding cheap wedding dresses is difficult but you can find them with diligence and dedicated effort. Getting engaged is no small deal and shop owners delight in seeing a blushing fiance with a brand spanking new engagement ring waltz into the store.

Make a Checklist

Here’s a quick tip. Save the guest list for the last item, but create a budget that will include everything that you could ever want. Then start eliminating to get down to what you can afford. There’s no need to start a marriage with a huge debt load.

Use Social Media

Pinterest is probably one of the best places that you can find interesting wedding ideas. You can’t come up with everything yourself, and trying to be original will just cause exhaustion. It’s best to compile a list of ideas so that you can get started on your special day.

Remember the Icing on Top of the Cake

Remember the icing on top of the cake, and no it’s not the wedding cake icing. It’s the honeymoon! Traditionally, the groom plans the honeymoon, but lately the decision has been shared between the bride and groom. Be sure to save money for the honeymoon when you will be able to spend time with your new spouse in paradise.

What was your wedding planning like?

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