Entrepreneur Fridays: Small Business Owners


Featured Entrepreneurs

Featured Entrepreneurs


If you missed the previous installments of Entrepreneur Fridays since the last round up, here they are together!

Shawntel Asemota of SOA Event Concepts talks about the importance of word of mouth marketing.

Emily Lipman, the owner of Raw Denim in Atlanta talks about taking a leap of faith to open her chic clothing boutique.

Micheal Kusumadjaja of Mckys Bstro talks about speaking success into existence and the inspiration behind the Go Hard tshirt.

Check out each of our previous interviews to get insight and ideas for your business! We’ve got some great interviews with very prominent young entrepreneurs coming up so stay tuned!

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    Owning a small business is the key to success these days with the state of unemployment. Raw Denim is an amazingly chic boutique with a fresh new approach, easy to see why it is such a success. We need more small business entrepreneurs to create good jobs.