Carnival of Retirement 5th Edition

Welcome to the most recent Edition of the Carnival of Retirement. If you want to submit a post for next week’s edition, please use the submission form. Next week’s edition will be hosted by My Retirement Blog. Let’s get right into it!

Kris from Simple Island Living published retirement savings during unemployment.

DollarDisciple from DollarDisciple published Preparing to Live on One Income.

MMD from MyMoneyDesign published Retiring on the One-Million Dollar Myth, saying, ‘Is retiring on one-million dollars just a myth, or could you really do it? Let’s explore how that would work.’

FG from Financial God published Is Canada Immune to a Financial Blowup?, saying, ‘My Own Advisor recently wrote about the heavy austerity in Greece, and thanks his lucky stars that things are nowhere near this bad in Canada. I agree that those in Canada are very lucky that the country has weathered the financial storm in relatively good shape, and not only that but the Canadian government has wasted less of the people’s wealth on ‘stimulus’.’

Don from MoneySmartGuides published What to Look for in Mutual Funds – Part 1, saying, ‘This is my first part of a two part series on what to look for in Mutual Funds.’

Eddie from Finance Fox published Airline’s Charge to Check Bags = One Big Cash Grab, saying, ‘Despite a pretty smooth trip overall, I had the pleasure of paying $25 to check my bag. Three different airports, three different starting points and that’s $75 less I had in my wallet.’

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Erika from Newlyweds on a Budget published How do you talk about money with your husband?, saying, ‘Who manages the finances in your relationship? And how do you decide how to spend your money?’

Jen from Master the Art of Saving published My Biggest Financial Fear, saying, ‘Sometimes fear can motivate us and other times, it can paralyze us or dictate our decisions. I have plenty of fears, and I’m not afraid to admit it.’

Shaun from Smart Family Finance published Mistakes Young Families Make When Financing Their First Home, saying, ‘Money mistakes made by young, educated and affluent families were a direct cause of our current economic turmoil. If families fail to learn from those home buying mistakes, we are doomed to repeat the consequences.’

Kyle from The Penny Hoarder published How to Make Money Buying Virtual Real Estate, saying, ‘Real estate is such a valuable investment, you no longer need it to be real to make money. Learn how real-life virtual real estate entrepreneurs have made millions.’

Aloysa from My Broken Coin published How ‘Do Not Need’ Lists Can Save You A Buck, saying, ‘I am on a three month no-buy resolution. I figured it is a good prelude to start implementing my next resolution – de-cluttering. Where do you usually start? I, of course, started with my favorite place which happens to be you guessed it, right! my closet.’

Jeffrey from Money Spruce published 37 Must-Read Posts for Tax Savings, saying, ‘A collection of the best tax tips posts that cover a wide range of tax topics, including deductions, tips for filing, and working with an accountant.’

A Blinkin from Funancials published Are You A Mental Accountant? Grand Finale, saying, ‘Remember when Jeff Foxworthy came out with his unforgettable series, ‘You Might Be A Redneck?’ It was a huge hit that led to book deals, TV shows, and enough riches to fund every redneck’s retirement. Read my take on being a mental accountant with a Jeff Foxworthy spin.’

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101 Centavos from 101 Centavos published Redneck Dividends, saying, ‘As I was editing the notorious 101 Centavos Dividend Portfolio that is featured on this site, it occurred to me that some of the dividend picks shared …’

KT from Personal Finance Journey published How to Host a Superbowl Party on the Cheap, saying, ‘The Super Bowl is just around the corner and if your house is about be invaded by party-goers, you might be worried about what hosting a huge party is going to cost you. Potlucks and BYOB are always a good way to host a party on the cheap!’

Dr. Dean from The Millionaire Nurse published Projects: Getting Started! A Growing Mushrooms at Home Case Study, saying, ‘Exotic mushrooms make a wonderful addition to a multitude of dishes. Unfortunately, they can be expensive and not readily available in our rural area. Grow them at home? Why not! Read all about getting a money saving project up and going-and how to become a SSD (spore spawn diddy).’

MR from Money Reasons published Why Taxing Dividend Income Hurts The Elderly, saying, ‘Taxing dividends at a higher percentage hurts the elderly and the young.’

Wayne from Young Family Finance published Cheap Romantic Dates, saying, ‘Cheap romantic dates are great on the budget and relationship. Find creative ideas here.’

krantcents from KrantCents published Protecting your home when on holiday: top tips, saying, ‘Whatever kind of neighbourhood you live in, you will want to protect your home while you are away from it. Should you be embarking on a big holiday in the coming weeks and months and you find yourself away from the house for two weeks or more, there are a number of things you can do.’

Daniel from Sweating the Big Stuff published Paypal Income Reporting Requirements for Bloggers, saying, ‘The IRS required PayPal to issue Form 1099-K to those making over $20,000 a year on PayPal. Since it was so confusing, the IRS did something smart.’

Small Business Resource from Small Business Resource published Top Tips For Small Businesses To Survive The Recession, saying, ‘Here are some tips for small businesses to survive the recession …. courtesy of the everywoman network!’

Darwin from Darwin’s Money published Confidence is Great, Right? Nope, It’ll Wreck Your Life, saying, ‘We’re all taught to be confident from childhood. You know, those confidence boosters like getting a trophy no matter where you placed, parents telling you that you can do anything in life and so on. On some level, having confidence in yourself and what you can achieve does allow you to think big, stretch your your limits and achieve great things.’

Hank from Money Q&A published The Beginner’s Guide – How To Find A Mutual Fund, saying, ‘There are tens of thousands of mutual funds out there for investors to choose from. It is very intimidating for new beginner investors to learn how to find a mutual fund.’

YFS from Your Finances Simplified published 10 Easy Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance, saying, ‘Everyone has to have car insurance, but it can be a pain to find something that works for you and that you can afford. If you are tight on funds, or if you simply want to save some money, here are ten easy tips for saving money on your car insurance.’

Mich from Beating The Index published Investing in Canadian Well Completion & Drilling Companies, saying, ‘The oilfield services industry provides investors with exposure to the oil and gas commodity sector minus the inherent risks associated with exploration and development drilling.’

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Hank from Money Q&A published How To Raise The Next Millionaire Entrepreneur, saying, ‘Giving them a solid foundation to launch their creative ideas will help them achieve a financial freedom. A true millionaire entrepreneur knows that they can’t wait for opportunities to find them.’

Andy from My Retirement Blog published 2012 IRA Contribution Limits, saying, ‘Curious what the 2012 IRA Contributions Limits are?’

Kevin from Thousandaire published Cheap Things That Make Life Easier, saying, ‘Sometimes people get so caught up in the idea of saving money that they won’t use their hard earned cash to buy something that would improve their quality of life. What the heck are you working for if you can’t buy yourself something that will make you happier? ‘

Suba from Broke Professionals published Simple Home Maintenance Anyone Can Do, saying, ‘If you own a home, you can save time and money by learning to do some common and simple home maintenance. The time you save is the time needed to locate a repair person, wait for them to arrive and do the task. The money you save is their labor charge.’

PITR from Passive Income To Retire published Early Retirement, saying, ‘In preparation for early retirement, what are you doing? Find out what I am doing to prepare for early retirement.’

Jester from The Ultimate Juggle published Unexpected Crisis, saying, ‘Find out how I managed to take care of a lot of things in a short amount of time.’

John from Married with Debt published Frugal Living is All About Creating the Debt Free Magic in Your Life, saying, ‘This site is about helping people, both financially and in all aspects of their lives. Because I want this site to be a community, you will see from time to time, guest posts from readers and fellow financial bloggers. ‘

Amanda L Grossman from Frugal Confessions published Double Tax Benefits for Mid to Low Income Households Who Contribute to Retirement Accounts, saying, ‘When you think about retirement, are you stuck in disillusionment somewhere between your dreams and the reality of an empty retirement account? ‘

Evan from My Journey to Millions published The Worst Way to Invest in Real Estate, saying, ‘I love the idea of investing in real estate and earning my passive income through rent money, but there is a good way to go about it and an absolutely terrible way.’

Jason Meltzer from Life Over Work published Social Security isn’t going away, saying, ‘Much has been made about the impending doom of the Social Security program, but the rhetoric doesn’t exactly match what the Social Security Trustees Report says.’

Corey from Steadfast Finances published Fake Prosperity: U.S. National Debt Growth vs. GDP Growth, saying, ‘If you’re a member of Gen X and Gen Y, this is probably the scariest chart you will see in in the Economy, and possibly, right up to the time you’re old and gray.’

Jon the Saver from Free Money Wisdom published How Safe Is Spread Betting?, saying, ‘So is spread betting safe? Realistically it is only as safe as you make it. If you decide to invest in a spread betting firm, and begin to see which stocks appeal to you, there are limits you can set. You can set a limit on the amount of money you make before you take your investments out, and you can also set a limit on the amount of money you lose before your investment ends.’

Mr. Money from Smart on Money published Do You Save Your Pocket Change? For One Indiana Man, It Adds Up To a New Car Every 10-15 Years, saying, ‘What if you were always paying in cash, and every time you got change it went directly into your change jar? How much money would it add up to, and how much could you save in change alone?’

Peter from Bible Money matters published 401k Rollover to IRA: What to Do with Your Retirement Account when Leaving Your Old Job, saying, ‘When you’re leaving a job, you have several different options of what to do when it comes to your 401(k).’

Thanks for a great carnival!

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