Carnival of Passive Investing

Welcome to the Carnival of Passive Investing! If you would like your post on asset allocation and passive investing to be included in a future edition, please submit your post here.
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Editors Picks

Glen Craig presents What is Passive Investing? posted at Free From Broke This is a great place to start if you are not sure exactly what passive investing is.

Barbara Friedberg presents 9 RULES OF WEALTH YOU SHOULD HAVE LEARNED IN SCHOOL posted at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance. Saying, “Cornerstone of successful passive investing is setting up an asset allocation and sticking with it through thick and thin. Turns out, this is also the best method to wealth building. Get an introduction to this and more strategies to build wealth through passive investing and smart living.”

Tim presents Simplify Your Investing with the Permanent Portfolio posted at Faith and Finance. Saying, “Harry Browne, a former presidential nominee and author of Fail-Safe Investing, identified four different assets that you could include in your portfolio, in equal proportions, on a permanent basis. He called the investment strategy the Permanent Portfolio.”


Here are the remainder of the carnival posts:

FamilyMoneyValues presents Dad’s Stock Investment Plan posted at Family Money Values.

Darwin presents Target Date Funds: Is Convenience Worth the Cost? posted at Darwin’s Money .

Young presents Investors Group Update: Lower MERs posted at Young And Thrifty.

Philip presents The Automatic IRA: Coming to a Small Business Near You? posted at PT Money Personal Finance.

Bob presents How to invest in mutual funds online posted at ChristianPF.

Habeeb presents How to Calculate Cost of Equity on Common Stock posted at Best Dividend Mutual Funds.

Dividend Growth Investor presents My dividend crossover point posted at Dividend Growth Investor.

Karl presents Dow, S&P 500 And Other Index ETFs posted at WiseStockBuyer.

John Border presents Best Index funds posted at John Border School of Fiinance.

Dan presents Covered Call ETFs: Do the Returns Justify the Fees? posted at ETF Base.

Vanessa presents So You Want to Start Investing: Mutual Funds posted at Vanessa’s Money.


Thanks for a great carnival!

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