Carnival of Financial Camraderie WTF Edition

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Editors Picks

This first editor’s pick is what inspired the theme of this edition. Sometimes you just want to ask companies if their heads are made of stone. Like WTF is wrong with you?!

Cash Flow Mantra presents Suze Orman, WTF? posted at Cash Flow MantraWhere Suze has been over the past six months!  Does Netflix ring a bell? How about Bank of America and debit card fees? Heck, even the Kardashians were smart enough to recognize that high fees on a debit card were a non-starter.

carnival of financial camraderie

krantcents presents How Students with NO Credit History, Can Begin to Build a Financial Record posted at KrantCents“Here are 3 ways to allow young adults to safely build credit without the risk of going into debt.”

Kevin presents 3 Frugal Ideas for a Romantic Valentine’s Day posted at Invest It Wisely“Remember, there’s no need to spend a fortune on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, a bit of cheap fun is all you need. So, what are your ideas for Valentine’s Day this year?”

Evan presents Turn Your Resolutions into Good Habits posted at My Journey to MillionsMany resolutions are abandoned quickly, sometimes even before the last of the Christmas decorations have been put away for the year. To avoid this, a few simple tips can help you to actually keep your resolutions this year.


Paul Vachon presents How Frugal Living Can Build Wealth for the New Year and Beyond posted at The Frugal Toad.

Steve Zussino presents Complete Guide on where to find coupons posted at Grocery Alerts.

D.J. presents How to Save When Hiring Professional Movers posted at The Family Wallet.

Aloysa presents Live A Little: Have A Latte posted at My Broken Coin.

Marie presents Easy Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage posted at Money Spending Mommy.

Linsey presents Is Entering Sweepstakes a Hobby? Can It Be a Job? posted at 1099 Mom.

Forest Parks presents Tips to Save More 2012 posted at Frugal Zeitgeist.


Suba presents Five Ways to Save Money and Get Fit at Work posted at Broke Professionals.

Sabrina presents Party Tips for the Broke Young Professionals posted at Frugal Living.

Bob presents 20 Ways to save money by NOT being normal posted at ChristianPF.

Investing and Retirement

A Blinkin presents CD’s are for Hypocrites posted at Funancials.

Money Cone presents 10 ETFs Cheaper than Their Vanguard Peers posted at Money Cone.

ETZ25 presents Starting Up A Roth IRA For Kids posted at Entertainment Timez.

101 Centavos presents How NOT to Invest in Water posted at 101 Centavos.

Andy presents The Number One Retirement Fear posted at My Retirement Blog.

Wayne presents Retirement Planning for Young Families posted at Young Family Finance.

Mich presents NAL Energy to Underperform in 2012? posted at Beating The Index.

Echo presents Be An Owner, Not A Moaner posted at Boomer & Echo.

Investor Junkie presents What Are DRIPs? posted at Investor Junkie.

Ray @ Financial Highway presents RRSP Deadline posted at Financial Highway.

Paula presents Does Collective Wisdom Really Exist? posted at Afford Anything.

Matt presents Don’t Sell Yourself Short on Investment Return Expectations posted at RamblingFever Money.

Marissa presents The importance of investing in the new year posted at Thirty Six Months.

Darwin presents US Debt Now Equivalent to Entire US Economy – Investing in This New Era posted at Darwin’s Money.

Todd R. Tresidder presents How Anyone Can Retire In 10 Years (Or Less!) posted at Financial Mentor.

Bank of America

bank of america debit cards

Remember when Bank of America decided it would charge its debit card users an additional 5 dollar monthly fee? Bank of America, your business is already shaky and Americans have no sympathy for you after the huge bailout you received and now you want to charge the customers that decided to stay? WTF?!

Remember when Bank of America decided it would charge its debit card users an additional 5 dollar monthly fee? Bank of America, your business is already shaky and Americans have no sympathy for you after the huge bailout you received and now you want to charge the customers that decided to stay? WTF?!

Real Estate

Kyle presents 4 Reasons You Should Not Invest in Real Estate Right Now posted at The Penny Hoarder.

Miss T. presents Buying a Home with the Help of Mortgage Insurance posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter.

Hank presents Four Great Benefits Of Buying A House posted at Money Q&A.

Roshawn Watson presents Home Mortgage Leverage SUCKS! posted at Watson Inc.

Credit and Debt

Philip Taylor presents Suze Orman’s Pre-Paid Debit Card – The Approved Card posted at PT Money Personal Finance.

Eddie presents Million Dollar Question: Should I Use My Savings To Pay Down Debt or Fund My Retirement Plan? posted at Finance Fox.

Corey presents Why Financing a Car Can be a Bad Idea posted at 20s Finances.

YFS presents 4 Tips to Improve Credit Even After A Bankruptcy posted at Your Finances Simplified.

Teacher Man presents Pay Off Debt Fast or Build Assets? posted at My University Money.

Jason presents 20 Happy Thoughts posted at Live Real, Now. In the past 32 months, I’ve reduced my total debt load by $42,859.70. That’s an average reduction of $1,339.37 per month.

Matt presents What To Do After You Are Debt Free posted at Financial Excellence.

John presents 4 Tips to Avoid Future Bankruptcy posted at Passive Family Income.



Netflix. You got ahead of yourself. First you spring a price increase on your customers without warning. Then you double the price of the existing service and claim that it’s what everyone wanted anyway. After your stock price drops dramatically and customers leave in droves, you decide to apologize. Have you ever heard of too little too late? WTF?!

Money Management

Stephen Vanderpool presents Suze Orman Loses Her Sh*t on Twitter posted at NerdWallet.

Jeffrey presents Five Reasons to Give Up Goal Setting posted at Money Spruce.

Beating Broke presents How to Overcome Dissapointment when Our Financial Role Models Disappoint Us posted at Beating Broke.

Young and Thrifty presents Quicken Home and Business 2012 Review posted at YoungAndThrifty.

Justin presents 10 Ways to Raise $100 in Less than One Day posted at Money Is the Root.

W presents Additive vs. Multiplicative Thinking About Money posted at Off-Road Finance.

Ken Faulkenberry presents Saving, Investing, and Gambling: The Importance of Differentiation and Compartmentalization posted at AAAMP Blog.

Robert presents Free Online Money Management Tools posted at The College Investor.

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey presents Back to the Basics: Control Your Spending posted at My Personal Finance Journey.

Marie at FamilyMoneyValues presents Financial Tasks for the New Year posted at Family Money Values.

Verizon Wireless


Verizon decided it has had enough of customers paying their bills for free. We should get charged to give you our money, right? Well after announcing that it would charge a 2 dollar fee for certain online and phone payments the backlash was so immediate that the company immediately backtracked. Verizon, how about we pay you for the service you offer and you stay in business? I mean, forget the superfluous fees, WTF?!



Lisa presents Saving Money on Insurance: Simplify by Bundling posted at Thriftability.

Evan presents How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance posted at Smart Wealth.

Amanda L Grossman presents Health Insurance Companies Give Financial Incentives for Good Habits posted at Frugal Confessions.


Madison presents How to Lower Your Taxes on Savings Bond Interest posted at My Dollar Plan.

Steve Zussino presents Free tax filing software in Canada posted at Canadian Personal Finance.

Daniel presents Tax Evasion Costs Over $300 Billion Each Year posted at Sweating the Big Stuff.

Everything Finance presents Do You Need to Pay a Nanny Tax This Year? posted at Everything Finance.

Suze Orman

suze orman twitter

Suze, you decided to release a prepaid debit card with several fees. Nothing wrong with making money, but after you’ve made a name for yourself giving sensible financial advice to the masses, one would think you would have a better product to release. Not only are you going to charge each month but you are going to sell each users aggregate spending information to Transunion. Then you made the mistake of waking a sleeping giant. There are tons of personal finance bloggers and you decided to call one of them an idiot. And not any personal finance blogger, but the one that organizes the personal finance blogger conference. WTF?!


PITR presents Generate passive income – How to do it posted at Passive Income To Retire.

Shaun presents Lottery Winner Loses Everything in Four Years: Smart Approaches for Families with Income Windfalls posted at Smart Family Finance.

Jester presents A Side Income posted at The Ultimate Juggle.

Don presents My Son Is A Young Entrepreneur posted at Money Reasons.

Jeffrey presents Money Lessons Learned from an Awful Job posted at Saving Advice.

Jon the Saver presents 8 Tips on How to Get Along with Your Boss posted at Free Money Wisdom.

Don presents Radical Idea to Create Jobs posted at MoneySmartGuides.


Erika presents My Plan to Lose Ten Pounds in Three Months posted at Newlyweds on a Budget.

Kevin presents Claim Your Unclaimed Property posted at Thousandaire.

KT presents Is Outsourcing Household Chores a Luxury or a Smart Money Move? posted at Personal Finance Journey.

Crystal presents I Visited a Psychic Monk – You Read that Right posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.

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