Best of Weekend Reading: Moving Edition

Welcome to this week’s roundup!

Have you ever prepared for a move? If so, then you probably know how hectic it can be. You have to pack everything and relocate. You start thinking, how did I accumulate so much crap? Well I am moving both the website and my personal living space. I will have more than a year to move the website from over to I can transfer webpages pretty easily but the mechanics of moving and telling Google where you are going can be a bit tricky if you want to keep all of the rankings and metrics that you’ve worked so hard for, so slow and steady seems to be best. So don’t be alarmed if you click on a link and it takes you to the new web address or if one takes you back to the old web address. I am taking things slow to make sure that you never click a link that leads you to nowhere. :)

As far as me moving personally, I am looking for a new place and hope to be settled by November. Between that and starting my CFA super-review sessions until December 3rd, life is going to be crazy for a while. But, what else is new? lol

Here’s what I posted at Financial Success for Young Adults this week and last week, since I missed a roundup.

1) Would QE3 Make Stock Prices Go Up?

The Fed’s latest talks about ‘Operation Twist’ and what effects they may have on the markets.

2) What is Google Wallet?

This is one that I posted back when Google first released the news but there have been some more talks about it recently so I thought it would be good to refresh your memory on what it is.

3) Who are the Most Frugal Celebrities?

This was a guest post from Tushar at Everything Finance. You would be surprised to see what celebrities actually have good money management skills.

4) Stock Options and the Social Network

Read about CEO incentive pay and how it is structured with a lesson from Facebook’s founders. The takeaway? Never sign a legal document without reading it or having your lawyers read over it first. Oh yeah, and find out if the lawyer who drew up the contract is your lawyer or not.

5) Totally Money Blog Carnival Roast Edition

And now we come to the reason that there was no roundup last week. Have you ever tried to put together a blog carnival? These things are massive! But I managed to do it and have a pretty cool theme as well if I do say so myself. Check out the posts from personal finance bloggers on everything about money.

6) Should I Start a Business or Get a Job After College?

So many graduates are asking themselves this question so I decided to create a funky little quiz. Check it out!

Financial Success for Young Adults Around the Web

financial success

I was also featured in the Yakezie Carnival at Family Money Values. Check it out and read the great posts featured in this Welcome Fall Edition.

Did you know that I recently started staff writing positions at Sustainable Personal Finance and Prairie Eco Thrifter? Here are the posts from me that are up on their sites.

When is the Dividend Ex-Date is up at Sustainable Personal Finance. I will be writing more about passive dividend income so keep visiting for more.

How to Research Green Investments is up at Prairie Eco Thrifter. This is the first post in a series on how to research investments that are eco-friendly.

I also take the time to read interesting posts from my fellow bloggers. Are you moving soon? Here are some great posts on that topic.

Posts from Around the Web: Moving Edition

Barb from Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance just moved cross country. You can be sure she knows how hectic moving can be.

My Pretty Pennies relocated from Washington, DC to North Carolina.

Moving from Blogger to WordPress can be a daunting task. I did it back in February with just a few posts. Here is 2MillionBlog who had to do it as well.

Here is my post from when Financial Success for Young Adults moved from Blogger to WordPress.

I’m reaching here… Any posts about moving that I missed? Post in the comments below and I will add the good ones. Thanks!


Thanks for a great week! See you next week!

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