Best of Weekend Reading: Motivation Edition

Welcome to this week’s roundup!

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving! And with that in mind I am getting ready to make my family recipe sweet potato pies! :)

Here’s what I posted at Financial Success for Young Adults this week.

1) Don’t Make the Mistake of Not Budgeting in College

This is the first post from our new staff writer Shaun. Check out how to get ahead financially in college.

2) Create a Vision Board for 2012

Are you ready to reach your best success ever in 2012? Starting with a vision board could get you exactly where you want to be.

Financial Success for Young Adults Around the Web

financial success

I was also featured in the Yakezie Carnival at The Saved Quarter. Check it out and read the great posts featured in this Edition.

Did you know that I am a staff writer at Sustainable Personal Finance and Prairie Eco Thrifter? Here are the posts from me that are up on their sites.

Quick and Easy Dividend Calculators is up at Sustainable Personal Finance. Yield on cost and other ways to calculate your dividend portfolio performance.

I also take the time to read interesting posts from my fellow bloggers. In honor of the post I wrote recently about creating a vision board, I thought I would highlight some posts centered around reaching goals and keeping up motivation.

Posts from Around the Web: Motivation Edition

Corey at 20s Finances shares his Financial Goals.

The Financial Blogger has a plan to Make 10k a Month. My guess is that he will definitely be there soon if not already.

Don’t be afraid to start a business! Studenomics posts on How to Overcome Your Fear of Starting Your Own Company.

Here’s a motivation to finally get started on that dividend plan. The Passive Income Earner talks about Time vs. Money and how dividends continue to pay even when you are not working.

Always a motivator, Pat Flynn posts How to Be Everywhere at Smart Passive Income.

Thanks for a great week! See you next week!

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  • MD

    Thanks for the mention :)

  • The Financial Blogger

    thx for the mention!!

    I’m almost there but I want to make sure that I get a stable 10K+/month. I’m still at the stage that I don’t know if next month will be like the previous month!



    • LaTisha Styles

      I know it will be more steady and reliable in 2012. I see you making moves!