Best of Weekend Reading Mom Blog Edition

Welcome to this week’s roundup!

Here’s what I posted at Financial Success for Young Adults this week.

1) How to Save in Your New Home

2) Traditional Bank vs Online Bank vs ING Direct

3) Business Plans, and Why You Should Want One for Your Rental Business

4) How Much will My New House Cost?

Financial Success for Young Adults Around the Web

financial success

I was also featured in the Yakezie Carnival at 20 and Engaged. Check it out and read the great posts featured in this Setting Your Clocks Edition.

Here are several other carnivals that included my posts this week.

Carnival of Money Pros at Passive Income to Retire
Carnival of Financial Camaraderie at Canadian Finance Blog
Totally Money at The Frugal Toad
Canadian Finance Carnival at Canadian Finance Blog
Carnival of Financial Planning at Cult of Money
Carnival of Retirement at Sense to Save
Financial Carnival for Young Adults at 20′s Finances

Did you know that I am a staff writer at Fiscal Phoenix and Prairie Eco Thrifter? Here are the posts from me that are up on their sites.

Fundamentals Put the Fun in Investing! is up at Fiscal Phoenix.

I also take the time to check out posts from fellow bloggers. Here are a few that manage to blog and are full time moms and often work full time as well!

Dining Out Challenge posts Establishing a Dining Out Budget.

The Family CEO posts Master Bath Remodel on a Budget.

Mom’s Plans posts Own Your Financial Decisions When It Comes to Debt.

The Hamster Wheel Keeps on Turning posts A Perfect Day…

Sassy Mama in LA posts John Carter Movie Review.

And if you are interested in reading the book that the movie was based on, Adventures of a Frugal Mom posts A Princess of Mars {Kindle Edition}.

And lastly Racing and Saving Mama posts Coupons For a Fun Dinner Tonight.

Thanks for a great week! See you next week!

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  • Julie @ The Family CEO

    Thanks so much for including me. Great roundup!

  • Kristina @ Racing and Saving Mama

    Thanks for including me. I enjoyed this post.