Best of Weekend Reading: Fashionably Late Edition

Welcome to this week’s roundup!

Yes, it’s a little late, but better late than never right?

Here’s what I posted at Financial Success for Young Adults this past week.

1) Forex-Dollar Dollar Bill Ya’ll

Are you interested in learning the basics of the foreign exchange market? This is a great post for you to start with. And as always, if you have any questions just let me know. (Now if only someone could make learning financial statement analysis this easy.

2) What Can I Afford? Mortgage Calculator

When you are getting ready to buy a new home, you might want to find out how much you need to have available to cover the mortgage each month. This post explains the inputs for a mortgage calculator.

3) CEOs With Golden Parachutes

This post sparked some great conversation. There are two sides to every story but do you really feel bad for the company when the CEO gets to leave with all of the profits or lack thereof?

Financial Success for Young Adults Around the Web

financial success

I was also featured in the Yakezie Carnival at Prairie EcoThrifter. Check it out and read the great posts featured in this November Edition.

Why Your Degree Means Nothing was featured in Carnivalof Personal Finance #335: Get A Prenup Edition!

I Used to be in Debt was featured in The Totally Money Blog Carnival: Movember Edition. Head over there to see the other posts and the awesome mustaches!

My post on Forex which I mentioned above was also featured this week in the Carnival of Financial Camraderie Edition #7.

Did you know that I am a staff writer at Sustainable Personal Finance and Prairie Eco Thrifter? Here are the posts from me that are up now.

How To Invest for the Long Term is up at Prairie Eco Thrifter. I’ll be getting into more investing posts with an emphasis on sustainable investing practices.

I also take the time to read interesting posts from my fellow bloggers. It’s time for a new Yakezie super group! We are into our winter groups now and here are some posts from my group.

Posts from Around the Web: Yakezie Winter Group Twitter Edition

Charles at Money Green Life posts How to Study Effectively for Finals. Follow @MoneyGreenLife for more from him.

Not Made of Money helps you Use the Internet to Shop for Christmas. Follow @NotMadeofMoney for more.

Personal Finance Whiz posts How to Grocery Shop on a Budget. Follow @Finance_Whiz for more from Jeremy.

Fat Guy Skinny Wallet talks about what he did with his old car. Follow @FGSW to get more.

Identify Your Debt Triggers is up at The Debt Myth. Follow @thedebtmyth and then get the Pay off Debt App.

Be a Better Employee is posted by SB at One Cent at a Time. Follow @onlyonecent for more.

The College Investor posts Market Thoughts for 11-11-11. Follow @CollegeInvestin for more.

Tony at Investorz Blog warns you, Don’t Move Your Stop-Loss Orders. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Follow @TonyChou9 for more.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Aloysa asks this at My Broken Coin. Follow @MyBrokenCoin for more from her.

Thank you to everyone who has updated bookmarks and links for me as I have made the switch to a new URL. My search traffic is getting back to what it was before the switch and I am really liking the change.

Thanks for a great week! See you next week!

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